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Get a Columbia Dentist

Get a Columbia Dentist

Ouch! There’s nothing quite so painful as a toothache or other mouth pains.


You need a dental team when you have problems, but it is even MORE important to maintain a relationship with a dentist for preventative care.


Request a call with a dentist, and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of right here in Columbia.

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Why Might You Need a Dentist?

Let's talk about the benefits of calling a dentist to schedule an appointment. It's important that you know what you could get out of it.

Regular Checkups

If you are a healthy person with a great smile, you need to maintain that! No matter your age, no matter your position in life, you should be maintaining that smile. To do that, you need to partner with a dentist team and get check-ups twice a year. Having your entire medical team in your phone is great. It means you can call your dentist any time you have a question!

Improve Your Smile

We understand you might want to make your teeth look better for a number of reasons. Our first priority is health, but our second priority is to make sure you’re comfortable smiling! Smiling is an important part of a happy lifestyle, and a big part of the culture in Columbia Missouri. We know how important it is to whiten the teeth, correct cosmetic issues, and remove plaque. Imagine how much confidence it brings to have a nice set of pearly whites.

Correct Issues

We understand. Sometimes you just have a toothache, and need to call somebody to fix it. We're here for you too.

Catch Hazards Early

Did you know your dental team may be able to catch mouth diseases far before they happen? It's not foolproof, but it certainly helps to have someone watching.

Why Might You Need a Dentist?

Dentists for College Students

We understand how awkward it can be to find a new dentist as a college student. This might be your first time reaching out to a medical professional, since you’ve moved away from your family.


Mom: You should make that appointment this week.


Me (limping): No thank you, I have another leg.


We fully understand your hesitation, but you’ll be glad you called. The person that answers the phone will be as warm nice as possible, and just wants to get your dental needs taken care of.


It is vital that you maintain dental health, even while away from your old family dentist. Establishing a relationship with a dentist in COMO can ensure quality of life.


Benefit: Perform Better in Class


Nothing ruins focus more than a bit of oral pain. A deep toothache can cause you to lose focus on your finals, prevent you from wanting to do homework or study, and make it more difficult to participate in extracurriculars.


We understand it may seem embarrassing to talk to a dentist about a toothache, especially if you feel guilty about not brushing your teeth. However, no embarrassment needed! We’ll offer solutions to your problem and then apply some gently encouragement to make sure you’re keeping up with that hygiene.


Benefit: Improve Confidence


College is a time to become your own man or woman. Enter that stage of your life with a confident smile. A confident smile means you’ll come across more friendly, which is important in making friends, talking with professors, getting a job, and even finding a life-partner.


Dentists are your biggest friend when it comes to this area. Get a dentist to help you maintain a confident smile, and you’ll be good to go!


Benefit: Manage Wisdom Teeth


College is the prime age where people start to grow wisdom teeth. Sometimes this is perfectly healthy. Other times, a dentist can tell you if the wisdom teeth will force other teeth to shift around (cosmetic issues) or if it may cause severe pain, teeth to fall out, or other unhealthy situations. Thus your college years are a crucial time to schedule regular dental checkups. Your dentist will keep you apprised of any needs concerning those wisdom teeth!

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Dentists for Families

There’s nothing more reassuring to a dental patient than to know their dentist is trusted by their family. We pride ourselves on serving entire families, and making sure they feel welcome and known in our practice. It isn’t enough to keep you healthy and happy. We want to make sure your entire family is healthy and happy with their dental care.

Child Dentistry

Children typically have unique dental needs, and we’re happy to make sure they feel comfortable and are growing a healthy set of teeth. Many dentists recommend arranging the first visit before the child turns 1. You should do minor cleaning of the babies gums before then, but getting advice from a dentist is the best way to learn to take care of your young one’s teeth early on. Keep in mind that many foods and formulas for children have a lot of added sugar these days, and sugar may be a cause of tooth decay.

Establishing good habits as the child grows up is important. Not only does it keep their teeth healthy, but it teaches them to maintain these habits as they grow older.

Multiple Generations

One thing that warms a dentist’s heart is to see three generations coming in for checkups on a regular basis. When you see grandparents, parents, and children all with radiant smiles, it brightens your day! We’d love to become your family’s go-to dental solution, and keep your smiles healthy.

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Dentists for Business Owners

Businesses with a healthy workforce outperform those with an unhealthy workforce. It's simple. If your workers have toothaches, they will be distracted and lack focus in their work. On the other token, as your employees gain confidence in their smile, they’ll gain confidence in their work abilities. This makes them far more likely to succeed and generate results for your business.

If you have employees in Columbia MO, provide a link to this website as a resource for them to use. Encourage them to have healthy dental practices, and see your productivity improve!

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Recommendations for Dental Health

Our biggest priority is your dental health. This insures quality of life and productivity. Thus we urge you to take these tips to heart!

Have a Go-To Dentist

The first thing you can do to ensure good dental health is to simply have a team at the ready. Whether you live in Columbia MO full time, or spend enough time here to warrant a dentist, its important you have one ready to help you. You may find yourself with tooth pains or other issues, and need to contact one as soon as possible. Having your entire medical team in your phone is great. It means you can call your dentist any time you have a question!

Get Regular Checkups

Most dental insurance plans greatly recommend getting check ups twice a year. This ensures a dentist can catch problems early and quickly. A problem that develops in the course of 6 months is usually correctable. However, if you wait until the problem becomes an emergency you may end up with an issue is very expensive to fix.

Brush and Floss

Every dentist will tell you the same thing. Brush twice a day (at least) and floss regularly. We know it seems like a hassle, or something that takes up too much time out of your day. But these components of a healthy daily routine makes you look good, and also keeps you from painful complications and expensive surgeries.

Quit Cigarettes and Tobacco

When it comes to tooth and gum health, nothing's quite as damaging as tobacco products. Of course there are all sorts of other complications that come from smoking, but the dental health issues are at the top of the list.

Recommendations for Dental Health

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