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  • Dental Check Ups in Columbia MO

    Great oral health starts with a check up with a dentist.

Custom Dental Plan

Custom Dental Plan

Here's why regular check ups are SO important! Individual patients always have unique needs.


Getting a check up is the only way to ensure we have a plan for your dental health.


Dentists are experts at keeping your mouth healthy, so your time at a check up is well worth it!

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What Can You Expect at a Check Up?

Columbia MO dental check ups are no different than anywhere else, except our selection of dentists seems to be particularly good. Here are some things they'll provide at your check-up.

Review Your Dental History

Expert dentists know how to read your entire dental history thoroughly and provide recommendations going forward customized for you. Regular check ups can help ensure that nothing conflicts in your medical history with dental care going forward.

Monitor and Voice Concerns

The dental check up is the PRIME time to tell your dentist about any tooth concerns. Do you have a toothache? Well this is the best time to let your dentist know! Get it figured out before its too late!

Oral Exam

How do you know if you have mouth cancer? Other major issues or concerns? Well, regular check ups are the best way to find these issues early! They can't detect all problems visually, but certainly can help detect warnings signs of many diseases early.

Create a Full Dental Plan

If you take care of your teeth and have no problems, hopefully your dental plan consists of maintaining good habits and coming in for regular check ups. However, your dentist will ensure you have procedures and other special dental care needs scheduled and taken care of! Your dentist will tell you if you need to switch toothbrushes, alter your routine, use mouthwash, or other recommendations!

What Can You Expect at a Check Up?

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